Monday, December 1, 2008

Moving into Creativity.

Nothing succeeds like success!!
I finished the major cleaning and reorganization of my art studio last evening. I can't express the joy I felt as I took a last look around before turning off the light. Nor the excitement I felt when I went to the art studio this morning, pulled out my moleskine journal and allowed my creative spirit creep out of hiding.
It felt somewhat akin to the first day of school with brand new pencils, crayons and notebook. I have the knowledge now that making my "space" workable for me is as important as the right pencils or paints. I am sure to make some clutter as I work on something but now when I am finished the things have a place to be If I am diligent in clearing my work space after each session I will have the guarantee of always having a place to be creative.

I thought about taking some pictures of the art studio and posting here. But I realize everyone's place to work is different and there supplies vary widely and what works for me is unlikely to work for anyone else.
And then too there is the fact that what is one man's organization may make no sense to another.
My room is small, my supplies are huge. But this works for me until something better comes along.
So... Having said all that I believe the time for words will be shorter in the future and the time for pictures will hopefully be increased greatly.

Hope you all have a creative day.


  1. Oh... no you don't.... I want to SEE your studio... I think all us creative type are voyers (oh bother I can't spell English words, much less French)... anyway... pictures... we must see pictures... take them quick while everything is tidy... perhaps I'll be inspired to clean up my area.

  2. I agree completely!! I want to see pictures of your studio. I too have a very small workspace, and I desperately need ideas of how to organize it.

    At the moment mine is such a mess that I can barely think, much less be creative. Of course, it's not a's my computer, bill paying, class taking, art making, photo processing station. And since I do paperwork all day long at work, I hate to do it at home, so there is also months of filing precariously piled everywhere. AAARRGGHH!

    Please share pictures - convince me that there is hope if I'm willing to tackle the project!