Thursday, November 27, 2008

Light at the end of the Tunnel

I have been spending an hour a day in the art studio and had gotten to a point where it seemed all I had left were bits and pieces that didn't have a "classified" home to be in. None were things I wanted to part with but still they needed to find their own "home". I think that is the most frustrating part of the whole thing.

This major reorganization started innocently enough. The art studio had been my own private place to create. But then I got the wild hair in my brain that if I put in a gate/leg table in the room so that I would be able to lift the leaf when my friend came and we could work in there together. Well the truth is the room is just too small for two people and it was hard to get anything done. I soon found that we were carrying things to the dinning room table where there was more room and the light was better. Now why I didn't think of that in the first place is beyond me!!!

So this summer my friend helped me to move the table out of the room. That was a good idea but somewhat like trying to get the bottom pickle out of a full pickle jar. ( if you can picture that in your mind!!) The whole room was thrown into havoc with things stacked all over the floor and even spilling out into other rooms. But once started there was no turning back.

Then so many of life's happenings happened and I just didn't get back to the room to set things right again. Oh I am sure I could have gotten it done sooner but just stepping into the room made me feel so overwhelmed it verged on fainting. LOL

You have to understand my room will never look terrible orderly just because there is so much there, in too small a space, but it is coming together well enough now that I hope to be able to work in there in peace and find things too. The finding should be a lot easier because I have been labeling anything that sits still long enough to have something stuck to it.

I am looking forward to having the art studio all to myself once again. As I began the hard work of sorting and putting things in order I felt it was grunge work that I dreaded, but in the last couple of days I have become to see it as a form of creative work, a gift I am giving myself. And what a joy that is!!!

What fun it will be to share with you my creations soon rather than all these words on "creative

Oh yes, I did do some leaf drawings one day and also some sketches of sail boats. But won't it be grand when I can spend even more time creating art because I will not be organizing the art studio?


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