Sunday, November 23, 2008

Staying the Course

I am only on my third day of cleaning and organizing my art studio and I find myself wondering why it is not finished by now. There is an old saying "the devil is in the details". I don't know what the original meaning of this phrase is but it certainly seems to apply to the work in the art studio.
Now that I have the largest part of the work done I am finding it much harder to get all the bits and pieces that are left to find "homes" for themselves. It helps me to see that I have way more tools and supplies than I will ever have "finished" art work. It makes me wonder how much of it is necessary and how much was bought because of advertising.

I am having to learn what supplies have the highest priority in my work so that they can be readily accessible whereas the Christmas ribbon or the Valentine rubber stamps can be placed in a less strategic place than my colored pencils, paints and paintbrushes, etc, which I use almost every day.

As I am working in the art studio, I am thinking in the back of my mind that I need to do the same sort of thing in the bathroom cabinets, when I am done with this room. Then the light bulb comes on and I realize that if I really want to DO ART that I must give it the priority and special place that I give my paint brushes. I can be cleaning and organizing something in my house the rest of my life!!!! is that what will give me pleasure and fulfillment? Hardly.

Jessica Wosolek of mentioned in her blog how she took time out of her busy schedule to draw and paint one of the leaves that fell from her shrimp plant. It made me understand that we do not FIND time to do art we choose to GIVE time for our art.
I am thinking that if I can set aside and make it a priority to clean in my art room one hour a day I can certainly do the same or more for time for doing art. After all it is MY LIFE and I can choose.

So today I am choosing to do some art. Hope you will all find a way to follow your bliss as well

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  1. I can't create without chaos... I took pictures of the so called 'studio' today.. it's really the den/converted garage that I and the birds (I have parrots) have taken over... guests are not allowed in there LOL
    You can see the pics here...