Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Inspirations of Autumn

Today I went to visit a park. I had saved a clipping from our local newspaper early in July with full intentions of going there soon. But as you know life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I was not familiar with where it was so I plugged in my trusty GPS aka "Sassy" and off we went. Even when Sassy said we had arrived I was not so sure. The park was built on the slope of a hill and was not easy to see from the street. There was a path leading to the park. On each side of the path was a low stone wall. It did not take me long to realize that this park had not seen any loving, care in a long, long time. Yet it still held on to a degree of charm and beauty.
In the online art class I am taking we have been talking about seasons. So this trip of course fell right in line with what we were sharing. Some of the trees in this park were in their glorious colorful coats, others were now showing that life had come to a true end for them.

I realized that humans and trees are much alike. We too have seasons of our souls. We too are battered by the winds of life and sometimes those storms bring things into us that causes us to lose our lives.

But even so, life or death we leave some beauty. Some memory of better days. We all have a cycle, some shorter than others but no less important. But it would seem even though this walk in the park gave me insight into the future it was also a wonderful walk down a memory lane.

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