Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A different creative side

I have many creative sides. Before I started taking drawing classes and to begin making illustrated journals I was a rubber stamper and card maker. I still love the work and when in need of cards I often turn to this medium. I made 10 of these calendars ( on the left) And a total for 13 of the greeting cards which I can add whatever greeting I need for any occasion. The verse on the calendar is found inside the greeting cards. These two cats on the card and calendar remind me of the two white cats that I had that were both deaf. What a joy they were and they are sorely missed now.

I have also finished over 30 Christmas cards since the first of the year also. I will scan one of them soon.
But my next multiple card project will be some paper embroidered pieces.
This has been a very creative year for me so far.


  1. I love your calendar and kitty card! I totally agree with the quote too...a good book, an old quilt, and a cat (or two) on your lap equals pure contentment!

    That's exciting that you are having such a creative year so far...organizing your studio space must have really unleashed your muse!


  2. I think your calendars are really pretty, and I just love the sleeping cat. Maybe a reminder to take it slow, one day at a time ...

    I have given you an award. Go to my blog to find out more ... ;-)

    Lots of hugs,
    your friend in Norway