Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my first class pages

I am so excited to begin this class. Setting aside the time is a huge step for me. The second giant step is calling myself an artist. My inner critic asks me, "Who do you think your kidding?"
I have told her I have been doing one kind of art or another all my life, only I had been calling it, "crafts". But I am all grown up now and I am willing to accept the title "Artist", even if she is not buying it.

These pages feel like humble beginnings but we must all start somewhere. They are playful pages and I must admit I had fun playing.

We will add color to our pages as the class progresses.

I feel like I am flying along with this kite.
More to come in the weeks ahead.


  1. Great start Sallyann, and I can't wait until you see just how talented you are. I already know!

  2. Hello Sallyann, I read your introduction for the class and now I am visiting your blog. I have to say we sound a lot a like. I have done some kind of creative process all my life but have always felt it was crafty or unworthy of being call ART or me and Artist. This is going to be fun doing this class. I have not posted yet, but soon

  3. Hi Plaid petunia,
    I hope that you will post something on the site soon. I went to your blog and fell in love with what I saw.
    Come "Play" with me in the class. I would love to get to know you better.