Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year -New creativity

2010 was a sad year for me with the death of both of my parents just a few months apart from each other. I can be sad for myself but at their advanced ages ( in their 90's) and their poor health I know it is a blessing that they are at peace and rest and reunited.
I still feel the emotional turmoil of it all but also know that my mother would not want to sit in my sadness. I can almost hear her say: "Sallyann, life is for the living, so get off your duff and get busy with something."
So I have returned to my card making for the time.
I had 3 birthday cards to make for friends on one of my lists. So I just finished those and will post them here. I hope to be posting here on a regular basis in the coming year.



  1. Sallyann, these are all so pretty! I love how different they all are yet they are all paper embroidery. The one on the black background is quite striking! I love the border you used on the first one too.
    I wish you a year filled with happiness and blessings!

  2. Wow - handstitched with care! Older couples often die within months of each other. So hard on those left behind. May your memories keep you company and may you enjoy the coming year!