Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowy Michigan Days

On snowy days when everything seems so cold and frozen, I like to think of some things that bring me pleasure in other seasons. The butterfly is one of those. So I found myself stitching flourishes and a tiny silver butterfly and thinking of warmer days. It is not that I don't like winter, because I really do. It is just that I miss the flowers, butterflies and the leaves on the trees. I know they will all return in their time but it is still much fun to create them on winter days and send them off to friends hoping that they will warm their hearts too. I love the paper that I worked up the oval with the tiny Martha Stewart flowers in the center. The paper has a weave that makes it look like finely woven linen. It has a bit of a sheen to it also. I find it at my local Joann's. It is not the strongest of papers (much lighter than cardstock) but with a little TLC it works up quite nicely.
I have gobs of ribbon and I am trying to use it as well as some of the beads, pearls and embellishments that think they have found permanent homes in my storage units. I tell myself less is more and so am trying to lessen somewhat, what I have in my art room. I have kept so many things saying I want to use them for something special. Well the truth is, everyone I make and send cards to is special to me. So..... out come the ribbons, and embellishments in 2011 and I am sure 2012, 2013........

I did venture out today. I went shopping for a new chair. I spend so much time in my recliner and it certainly takes a beating. The one I have is showing the wear and tear and has been shampooed and brushed clean more times than I can remember. So it was time to say goodbye to it and replace it with one that is almost identical except in a different covering. I am waiting now for them to deliver it.
But of course, a new piece of furniture means I had a bit of cleaning to do in order to make the transition. I don't know about you, but the area around my chair looks like a busy board room.
So I have cleared the clutter and wait with excitement for the coming of the new and the going of the old.

I hope all of you are finding "treasures" to create with and are pushing out the old things and refreshing your life with something new that will bring you comfort and pleasure.

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