Monday, January 10, 2011

winter storms and stitching cards

We have twenty inches of snow from the storm over the weekend. I took advantage of needing to stay in and off the roads by doing some more paper embroidery while watching movies.
I am not sure what it is about watching the movies. I guess I always think of reading a book on stormy days but I really did want to accomplish something this time too. So the movies were second best. Besides I really needed some sympathy cards.
You will see a bit of golden yellow around them because the base card stock is white and the edges did not show up on the scan. It was the manila folder that I lay behind it to make the edges of the card show.

I think I am embracing paper embroidery right now because it makes me feel closer to my mother. I know how much she enjoyed embroidery work over the years. She embroidered pillow cases, luncheon cloths, dresser scarves ( remember when we really did use them?) and dozen and dozens of dish towels. I never did enjoy doing the work on cloth because the back of my work was so messy. At least with paper embroidery I can hide the back with another layer. I don't think mother ever quite understood why I preferred working on the paper. Still she admired the work.
I have missed mother even more as time goes on. Coming to the realization that I will never hear her laughter or pick up the phone and hear her voice, leaves a hollow hole in my heart.

Just today I heard a funny joke and as I laughed I thought how mother would love this one. I could almost see her smile.

It is hard to make sympathy cards when I am still grieving myself. But then I think, what better time? I know some of the feelings they are having and I know I am comforted by the cards sent to me. With that thought in mind, I think I will make a couple extra to have on hand.

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